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Who does what

We're really proud of our team here at Poppy Treffry and most of the time we all have great fun doing what we do.

Heading up the team is, of course, Poppy (yep, that's Poppy Treffry!)...

Poppy at work


Poppy is in charge of everything! But specialises in designing our great ranges and developing our business. She's also pretty good at making tea and sweeping the floor!

Next up is Faye, sister of Poppy...

Faye at work

Faye is our sales and marketing person, when she's not managing our shop, doing our PR or doing a bit of sewing! She makes a great lemon drizzle cake and talks a lot of nonsense!

To our production and wholesale manager next, say hello to Sara...

Sara from the Poppy Treffry team

Sara is generally the voice on the other end of the phone and makes sure everyone gets what they need. Sara loves to ride her bike and her normal lunch is a potato and fizzy hummous, yum!

Longest standing member of the team is Freya...

freya at work

Freya does a bit of allsorts. She cuts out, sweeps, tidies, stitches and chuckles at radio four! Freya is happiest when left alone to clean the studio or make neat fabric piles!

Second longest standing team member is Briony...

(She's in our group shot but we must get her to stop stitching for a mo so we can take a picture - she's not keen!)

Briony is our stitcher extraordinaire. She makes lots of our lovely products, so much so that she's good friends with her osteopath! She looks small and cute but she's a very big fan of loud heavy metal!

Let's not forget our shop girls...

In the shop we have Sarah, our newest addition to the team and a queen of customer service! Sarah also sends out most of our internet orders! We also have Gilly, our seasonal shop assistant who'll be helping out during those busy summer months. (sorry, no pic of Gilly yet!)

We also have a great team of pieceworkers...


Melissa, Becky, Danny, Sarah and Jo are our 'in and out' team, who come along when we're really busy and it's all hands on deck. It's really hard to remember how they take their tea because of them not being here every week!

team treffry